Deferred payments


We know that medical treatment is expensive, and we understand that after an accident or injury, you may have other financial burdens, such as lost wages or legal fees. PERFECT WELLNESS Centre is dedicated to helping patients reclaim and improve their quality of life, so we’re happy to help ease the financial burden by deferring payment on treatment plans.


It is well known that continued treatment is a good evidence of seriousness of an injury and, when followed, clearly demonstrates clients’ intention to mitigate their claims. If the client fails to obtain or continue treatment, the insurance company may use this fact as a reason to deny or minimize the Tort Claim settlement.


In most cases, clients do not get proper treatments because they already exhausted all of their funds available from the AB Claim settlements. This causes a dilemma for the lawyer because a key question from the insurance company would be “When was the last time your client received any treatment? If there has been no treatment since the AB Claim was settled, it means that the client does not require any further treatment.” This argument is very difficult to challenge and makes it hard to obtain a maximum settlement for your client.


PERFECT WELLNESS Centre in cooperation with Rhino Legal Finance Inc. is pleased to offer an exclusive Wellness Program specifically designed for the Tort Claims. This Program will fund the treatments monthly, either directly to the treatment provider or to your trust account if that is preferred.

There are a number of advantages to join our program:
- No need to present the proof of employment or verification of an income source to qualify for the treatment loan;
- Provided the case was actively pursued and a legal judgement rendered, the client would not be required to pay back the personal injury loan if the case is lost.
For more information, please contact our office.